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Registered Nurse (RN)

  2019-06-18     Grace Federal Solutions, LLC     Baton Rouge,LA  

General Description

Each year, Our Client enrolls nearly one hundred thousand new students in its talent searches through above-level testing, recognizes them for their achievements and provides them with a variety of enrichment benefits. TIP offers accelerated face-to-face and online educational programs to more than eight thousand students each year.

Occupational Summary

The Site Nurse is a member of the on-site administrative team. The Site Nurse supports the well-being of students and provides assistance to those who are experiencing health concerns. The position, supervised by the On-Site Director, is both administrative and clinical. The Site Nursereports all student concerns to the On-Site Director and confers regularly with the on-site administrative team and the main office to discuss student and site issues. Housing and meals are provided on site.

Work Performed:

  • Must attend administrative training weekend prior to program start
  • Establish a functioning health office and quarantine rooms at project site
  • Establish biohazard procedures in conjunction with the host institution
  • Review student medical forms; document students requiring special care, monitoring or supervision
  • Document and monitor the administration of medications as indicated by physician???s orders on student medical forms
  • Contact parents as needed to discuss any issues, medications, or missing information
  • Ensure the medical supplies are adequately stocked at all times
  • Inform the On-Site Director of any needed supplies
  • Act as a liaison to nearby clinics, physician???s offices, and/or hospitals
  • Provide medical care according to a physician???s standing orders and authorizations provided on the students??? medical forms including oversight of administration of prescription and non-prescription medications
  • Administer first aid to students; making determinations of the level of medical care necessary for sick or injured students
  • Document details of routine illnesses, ongoing health problems, and student emergencies
  • Schedule health appointments
  • Plan and conduct health safety training sessions as part of staff orientation
  • Assist administrative team to coordinate services for students with disabilities
  • Pack and inventory all returned medical supplies at program close
  • Staff Supervision
  • Duties include full-time live-in day, evening, night and weekend commitments with one 24 hour day off per week
  • Emergency accessibility 24 hours a day via cell phone
  • Train and manage site residential staff on medical room duty

Educational Requirements

The Site Nurse must be licensed as a Registered Nurse in the state Louisiana. Current CPR and first aid certifications are required. Experience working with children and young adults and previous work in a school or summer residential program environment is preferred.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

  • Excellent organizational skills with an attention to detail
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to work independently
  • Ability to make informed and intuitive decisions
  • Ability to interface with students and staff
  • Strong customer and team-building focus

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